1. Required documents for concluding a vehicle lease agreement:
– for individuals: a passport of a citizen of any state, a valid driver’s license;
– for legal entities, a company card, a power of attorney for the right to sign a vehicle lease agreement, acts of acceptance of returns and work performed.

2. Minimum age and experience of the Tenant:
To conclude a rental agreement, you must be over 21 years of age and have a driving experience of at least 2 years. If the age and driving experience is less, contact the manager and we will consider your application individually!

3. Tariff and conditions:
The minimum rental period for a vehicle is 48 hours. The mileage limit on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory is not limited. Departure to the Republic of Crimea is permitted and costs 65 USD. Car delivery and return to Krasnodar airport (Pashkovsky) – free of charge during working hours 07/22, during non-working hours 22/07 – 8 USD. The car can be returned at the airport of Simferopol, Sochi (Adler). If you are planning a trip outside the Krasnodar Territory, with the exception of the Republic of Crimea and the Republic of Adygea, then the cost of the extra mileage will be 1 USD per kilometer for budget cars and 1.5  USD for business cars. The rental price does not include: fuel, fines, paid parking, car wash.
The estimated start time of the car rental starts from the time specified in your booking. Return of the vehicle with a delay of up to 2 hours is not charged, up to 3 hours of delay, 15% of the daily rate for each hour of delay, more than 3 hours of delay, you pay a full day in full. The BIBIRENTCAR company has the right to replace the vehicle with a similar one or a class higher at the price of the leased vehicle, if at the specified place and time by the Lessee, the Lessor, for reasons independent of him, cannot provide the reserved vehicle by the Lessee.

4. How to book a car:
Our company maintains a paper document flow and an electronic payment system, which fully allows us to carry out all payments by card. It is possible to pay for car rental services both in cash and non-cash !!!
The first step: you go to the “car fleet” section, where you choose the car you like, then “book”, where the system calculates the approximate cost of renting a car and sends your order to our e-mail.
Second step: If the booked car is available for the specified period of time, the manager will immediately ask you to send the documents necessary for booking the car (all in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation). If the car is busy for the specified period of time, the manager will contact you and offer available options for available cars, after which he will ask you to send the documents.
The third step: We reserve a car and meet you at the place indicated by you, where we will transfer the car to you.
Reservations for our regular customers – call, write, we book a car and give it to you !!!

5. Deposit (pledge), insurance:
Deposit (pledge) – in BIBIRENTCAR from 65 USD for cars of the budget category and 195 USD for cars of the business category. All cars of the BIBIRENTCAR company are equipped with the GLONASS anti-theft system and are insured under the CASCO program, with the use of a franchise. We provide standard vehicle insurance under the CASCO program with a deductible of 400 USD, which applies to cars up to 2019 and 270 USD to a car from 2019. At the request of the client, the franchise can be reduced to zero, the cost of this option will be 8 USD to the daily rate for cars in the budget category and 15 USD for cars in the business category. This franchise, including zero, does not apply to damage to glass, wheels, vehicle interior.

In the event of an insured event: an accident, car theft, illegal actions or inaction of third parties, climatic conditions, you should immediately inform BIBIRENTCAR employees about the incident in any possible way. It is also necessary to inform the internal affairs bodies (police or traffic police) about what happened, where you can get the necessary certificates for registration of an insured event. In the absence of documents on the insured event or inappropriate reporting, filling in such, all responsibility falls on the Lessee.

In the event of an accident, not through the fault of the Lessee, in the presence of supporting documents, and the fulfillment of all the terms of the contract, all responsibility is removed from the Lessee, for the exclusion of the stipulated franchise.

6. Fuel and washing:
You are provided with a clean car with a full tank of fuel, if the car is returned with an incomplete tank of fuel, then the cost of fuel is paid at the rate of 1 USD a liter, the payment for washing the car is included in the lease and amounts to 11 USD for cars of the category, 15 USD for business.

7. Penalties:
Penalties are applied in case of loss of keys, STS, state number plates for a car, smoking in the cabin – 65 USD. Exceeding the speed limit set by the company over 140 km / h – 50 USD for budget cars, and 65 USD for business vehicles. In case of leaving the territory of the Republic of Crimea without the consent of BIBIRENTCAR, the fine is 65 USD. Full information on the terms and conditions of the lease is contained in the Vehicle Rental Agreement. Section “Agreements”.

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